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Passenger Vessels

Examples of our work on large Passenger Vessels

Non-passenger Vessels

Examples of non-passenger vessels.

Private Vessels

Selection of Private Vessels


Many options for interiors
Marine Wrap Assessment Standard

Working with you to bring Marketing and Project Management teams together.


Vessel Livery Creations - 2D or 3D Platforms

Incredible new technology options give you the chance to create a livery to suit most size vessels and complex arrangements. See the example in 2D or 3D versions and solve problems before the build or refit takes places. These tolls work great to bring Marketing and project Management teams together to achieve the best result!

In-house Custom Print & Cut and Creation Studio

Our own dedicated Print and Lab Climate controlled and designed specifically for creating Marine Packages. Our facility is designed to supply interstate and internationally with our own WRAP House control standards.

World Class Commercial Marine Trained Installers

The pressure has always been on our team to push the boundaries of Quality and efficiency and continue our internal training and development programs. Many of the best in the business have come through our program as we continue to set the standards in the industry and provide you with the best outcome.

Innovative Onsite WRAP-BAY Facility

Benefit from our Marine Hardstand Wrap-BAY Facility which gives the option control the environment and privacy. our premise can cater for an enclosed factory for vessels up to 13m and our adjacent Shed which can cater for vessels up to 80Ms.

Unrivalled Product Options and Experience

We have strong relationships with the top 3 Global suppliers and understand the performance and pricing structure of their best products. Our clients will always benefit from this competition as we happily let them fight for the right to be on your vessel. Exteriors, Interiors, Protection and effects, learn which product are the best and why. It is easy for companies to impress in the brochure with unproven statements, our experience has taught us an understanding of the products and what works and what doesn’t, this is essential in the decision making process for your vessel.

Strict Privacy and Commercial Confidence Procedures

From high profile projects to Government or Commonwealth contracts, our processes are equipped to manage documents, control communications and control staff. Feel comfortable that our experience and systems can ensure your project and information is in the best hands with us.

Fleet Quality Control and Compliance Management

Manage your Interstate or International Fleet with our Marine Wrap System. Control consistency, Corporate Standards and Livery Appearances and updates.

Marine Wrap Assessment Standard

Our established WRAP SYSTEM to assist in understanding, setting and controlling Marine Wrap Quality Standards. Contact us now for a demonstration!