Our team offers Commercial Boat Wraps for exterior, interior and commercial compliance needs.  As a result of our committment, our MARINE WRAP SYSTEM is the new leading edge in Commercial Wraps.  Through use of innovation and 15 Years of Research we have developed a unique and effective way of bringing your concepts and assets to life!  We can support your Design, Technical, or Marketing departments and deliver consistent results, on time, and on budget. Welcome aboard and enjoy taking a look at what value we have to offer you.

Commercial Boat Wraps, ferry


Passenger Vessels Wraps are Commercial Boatwraps for Vessels designed to carry more than 12 passengers.  This category includes Passenger Ships, Passenger Ferries, Tourism Vessels, Commuter Vessels, and Large Yachts.  We have developed Vinyl Wrap solutions for Wrap Livery Packages and standard Marine Wrap solutions for paint and Signage Specification requirements.

Commercial Boat Wraps, Police


Non Passenger Vessel Wraps are Commercial Boatwraps designed for all Vessels required to carry less than 12 Passengers.  This Category may be referred to as Workboats and may include Fishing Vessels or Commercial Hire Ships.  This section includes also includes Work Ribs, Survey Vessels, Patrol, monitoring and Authoritative Vessels.   Vessel-specific Aluminium Wraps, Marine Wraps and Interior Wraps all accommodating for their coating, protective and signage needs. 

Commercial Boat Wraps, Scallywag


For Luxury Boat wraps and Recreational Boatwraps above and below waterline, interiors and aftercare.  An exciting range of colours, textures and effects films, with the additional touches of wood interiors, window tints and anti foul Vinyl.