Commercial Boat Wraps

Planetwrap have worked hard to establish a system for Commercial Boat Wraps.
This System can supply you more effective Boat Wrap options for Commercial Boat Wraps & Ocean Styling Marine Wraps.
We can offer both exterior vinyl options above and below the water, along with stunning interior options supplied by the best of the major manufacturers from around the world.  Our MARINE WRAP SYSTEM is the new leading edge in Commercial Wraps and we can match any legitimate warranties available globally.
Welcome aboard and enjoy taking a look at what we have to offer you below.
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Passenger Vessels | Commercial Boat Wraps

Commercial Boat Wraps for Passenger Vessels as defined to carry more than 12 passengers which may include Passenger Ships, Passenger Ferries, Tourism Vessels, Commuter Vessels and Large Yachts.  We have developed Vinyl Wrap solutions for Aluminium Wraps, Wrap Livery Packages, standard Marine Wrap solutions for paint and Signage Specification requirements.
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Non Passenger Vessels | Commercial Boat Wraps

Commercial Boat Wraps for for all Vessels required to carry less than 12 Passengers but also including Fishing Vessels or Commercial Hire Ships.  This section includes Work Ribs, Survey Vessels, Patrol, monitoring and Authoritative Vessels.   Vessel specific Aluminium Wraps, Marine Wraps and Interior Wraps all accommodating for their coating, protective and  and signage needs.
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Ocean Styling

For Luxury Boat wraps and Recreational Boatwraps above and below waterline, interiors and aftercare.  An exciting range of colours, textures and effects films, with the additional touches of wood interiors, window tints and anti foul Vinyl.


Do you require your surfaces to look more modern, attract more business?  Our Primary focus is Boat Wraps | Commercial Boat Wraps | Marine Wraps.  Its our 11th Year in the Commercial Boat Wrap industry and the MARINE WRAP SYSTEM has evolved as a product of all of our learning and Vinyl Wrap needs of our clients to date.  The Key to a great Boat Wrap, Commercial Wrap or general Marine Wrap is to customize the package to best suit your Vessel and your operation.  Then we look at a plan of products, installation and how we can control the outcome of your desired result.
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Simply manage Commercial Vessel Compliance and Quality.
More importantly, our SYSTEM will help keep your fleet looking sharp, compliant and meeting Company  Standards.
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We bring you the best that the Commercial Boat Wrap Industry has to offer.  We have full access to the top products and complete warranties.
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STYLE Designers

Try our new Boat Wrap Design Community with featured artists who specialise with Marine Art, Themes Culture and Expressions