Custom Marine Boat Vinyl Wraps


Aluminium Wraps, Anti corrosive wraps, Ferry Wraps, Superyacht Wraps. Fishing Boatwraps, Speed Boatwraps, Jetski Wraps, Workboat Wraps, Charterboat wraps, Interior wraps,  Vessel Branding, Ship Wraps


Car wraps, Ute wraps, Truck wraps, Bike wraps, Trailer wraps, Van wraps, Caravan Wraps, Race wraps, Colour Change wraps, Protective wraps, Business Wraps, Branding Wraps, Mining Wraps


Office Wraps, Furniture Wraps, Building Wraps, Front window Wraps, Kitchen Wraps, Bathroom Wraps, Kids Wraps,  Feature walls, Outdoor backdrops, Splashbacks, Wall Wraps

The Vinyl Coating System

Improve the relationship with your surfaces!  Whether you require your surfaces to look more modern, attract more business, last longer or require less maintenance our Vinyl Coating System will have something for you.  After 10 years in the Detailing Industry then 10 years in the wrap industry we have developed our  unique Vinyl Coating System.  This system will ensure the best Coating match for your surface to maximise strength, durability and ultimately deliver your specific desired visual effect!
From Ships to ferries to trains, trucks and Luxury Cars, the Vinyl Coating System will take the best products available on the global market and deliver optimum results for your surface.  You are surrounded by surfaces which play and huge part in your life, let us improve that relationship with your surface, and make it great.

Base Coat

Developed as the ideal adhesion for all marine surfaces. The ‘20 year glue’ combined with the durable face stock make this the perfect base film.

Design Coat

With our state of the art print & design equipment we offer complete custom design services for decoration & branding. This with the ever advancing textured and effects films.

Shield Coat

The key to long term durability is the protection in high wear areas. After years of searching we finally found the strongest, most durable, non yellowing protective clear coat on the market.