In the Marine Design field there are specific designers who have a select passion for designing for and about the lifestyle in on and around the ocean.  Here is a selection of different designers you can choose from to purchase your files for us to fit to your canvas.

Nick Laferriere

Nick has a subtle touch and a keen sense of toning while still harnessing the true fish colours

Leif Avarsson

Leif is a well known Swedish Designer who specialises in Snow Mobile and Street Designs.  His bold radical style is aggressive and suits those who want to step out and enjoy some great colour and design!

Trevor Hawkins

A tremendous smooth style well suit for the conservative look

Jason Mathias

Jason could be called the picasso of Marine WRAP Artwork!  His use of colours and his interpretation of shimmering Light is new and fresh and will definetly shake up the industry in 2018!

Craig Bertram Smith

Craig enjoys the use of fish in a lifelike state with smooth flowing colours.