Our MARINE WRAP SYSTEM has been developed to make the Commercial Boatwrap Standards controllable and more predictable.  This is done while educating your team on what works, what doesn’t and what standard is to be expected and followed.  Our System can be used for New Builds through to refits.  This can be assessed by either our team or a representative of yours.  Controlling the outcome is the main objective and we are here to help you do that.

Marine Specific Systems

Planetwrap is the original Marine Wrapping business with procedures and systems specific for the marine environment and our specific marine clients.   Our 10 Years of operation has been solely focused on improving the product selection and installation methods to make this concept evolve into what it is today.   We encourage testing and our own Research and Development which is more advanced the the larger suppliers due to that fact that we 10 years of evidence to base our decisions on.

International IMO & AMSA Standards Information & Control

Our focus is to provide information and advice to assist with Australian Marine Safety Association decisions to ensure your project, vessel or fleet is compliant and remains compliant.

Corporate Compliance and Vessel Brand Identity Control

Through our design and livery management processes we can assist you with both corporate and commercial safety compliance to ensure your fleet is meeting industry standards.

Maintenance Support and Ageing Control

The key to the future of your product is all in the Maintenance.  We have been fortunate to see and learn to understand the vinyl in a way which they don’t explain to you in the brochures.  In every warranty the phrase ‘Normal wear and tear’ is a loophole which will need to be controlled and our Maintenance plan will show you how.

Surface Preparation Control

With the new Vinyl industry Surface preparation for New Builds and for Refits to both Paint and to Vinyl require specialised procedures.  We have been lucky to have been through the trial and error process with all of the different surfaces with a developed system which is both secure and cost effective for your project.

Internal Ordering, Manufacturing and Production Control

Our unique Production facility is controlled both environmentally and with our quality and control processes.   Many warranty issues can be prevented before the product even leaves the facility and this process is essential for large scale projects.

Installation Assessment and Quality Standards

An established WRAP SYSTEM to assist in understanding, setting and controlling Marine Wrap Quality Standards.  Allow us to perform the assessment or train one of your team to be a Qualified Assessor, this is the new era in Marine Wrap Coatings.

Freight and Crew Travel Logistics

Manage your Interstate or International Fleet with our Marine Wrap System.  Control consistency, Corporate Standards and Livery Appearances and updates.