SHIELD-COAT is a self adhesive flexible clear coating which is strong enough to withstand impact, scratches, rubbing, staining and is UV resistant. 

Shield Coat Specs

Name: Shield Coat
Thickness: 355 Micron
Colours: Gloss Clear
Durability: 3-6 years
Super strong, Rich gloss level, Durable, Easy to repair.

So many options

This can be used as a package with your design or base coats or it can be used to protect your current table tops, wood work or painted areas. The result it a non yellowing, strong deep gloss area ideal for work boats or hirgh wear areas. Highly successful in hull side protection. The thickness of the clear absorbs the impact and protects from classic rips and tears.

Even the heaviest layers of painted clear can’t compete with the SHIELD-C OAT. Around the vessel this product best suits the high wear areas where you may feel cautious or concerned with damage. Everyone who owns a vessel has that area or spot which always seems to get chipped, scratched or damaged? This is where you can look to use this product. Create a ‘shape’, ‘PAD’ or coat the whole hull. Enjoy the worry free approach to your coating. If your vessel is painted use the SHIELD-COAT to add strength. On your tables inside or around your bollards there will be an area waiting for the ‘SHIELD-COAT!’ so get out there and look better longer.