Automotive Wraps

Automotive Wraps creates an ideal solution for owners looking for an original design. From Cars to Trucks, Motorbikes to Scooters. you can coat your vehicle not only with a secific colour but with full scale advertising imagery printed with our high tech printing and lamination equipment. Each coating is designed to be removed and saves you money while protecting the surface of your object.

The range of choice is forever growing, with luxury accents of metallics and pearls to the class look of frozen colours and matte effects. The textured range has also grown from imitation leathers to animal skin looks, brushed metals, 3D carbons and 3D embossing. The chrome and chameleon range has also grown from base colour chromes to matte and chameleon chrome effects.

For those looking for just clear protection we have both commercial and private clear options to protect and enhance your vehicle.